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Re: FOSDEM thoughts

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 02:48:27PM +0100, Kolbjørn Barmen wrote:

> > There was somewhen someone that used one of my m68ks for a gentoo port
> > or such... 
> Could it have been Zach Lowry?

No, it was Michael Frysinger. 

> I was briefly in contact with him, before he decided to move onto some
> spin-off distro (cant remember the name) that eventually died off.
> I started my gentoo-m68k with the old redhat-5.2 from Jes, starting with
> manually upgrading python and getting portage working, and slowly building
> my way out. It took almost a year before all the rpms were replaced with
> portage packages on my old slow 50MHz 030 32MB RAM :)

Hehe... :)

> Today I also have help from a second A1200 with Blizz1260 and 192MB RAM,
> as well as aranym, I mostly use aranym for building and then install
> binary packages on my amigas and a mac (Q610).

One nice thing in Gentoo, imho, is the good support for distcc/ccache and
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