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Re: xserver settings falcon ct60


> Actually, if you want to go for the highest-performing approach (shadow
> frame buffer in cfb8 and damage-rectangle-sync to Atari interleaved
> planes), that may not be the best idea, as the logo code in atafb is still
> broken ;-)

Argh - never got around to fixing that one, as I was mostly concerned with
getting any useful output to the screen. And it's been a while. Though
ARAnyM would be a great way to test fixes these days.

So you suggest to not write drectly to the framebuffer but write a
interleaved planes version of syncing from shadowfb instead? I'd need to
get copy_rectangle working within the general case (logo) in atafb
first... didn't Roman have a fix for the logo code when he worked on my
initial version?


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