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Re: xserver settings falcon ct60

On Fri, 8 Feb 2008, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > After many many tries, I managed to get "sarge"
> > running so that I can see the bash. I can logon, but
> > if I start XFree86, it quits after a black screen and
> > tells me sth about received value 11 or sth like that.
> >
> > So can anyone tell me what settings I have to use in
> > XFree86.
> Break out the compiler and binutils, install the xorg X server source, and
> start coding a driver for a framebuffer device using interleaved bit
> planes (or rather, interleaved pixels) for Atari. Consult the 2.6 kernel
> Atari framebuffer device to see how bits for the different color
> components of one pixel are mapped to the corresponding interleaved bytes.

Actually, if you want to go for the highest-performing approach (shadow
frame buffer in cfb8 and damage-rectangle-sync to Atari interleaved
planes), that may not be the best idea, as the logo code in atafb is still
broken ;-)

> The only thing that might still work is monochrome mode (atafb=sthigh
> f.e.). If you still get a sigsegv on that mode, use gdb to figure out
> precisely where it fails.
> And no, I'm not kidding.



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