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Re: D-I Etch+1/2 CD images (was: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection)


> > which is somewhat fatal. Did the byte swapping in the IDE driver get
> > removed? We had this in ide-iops.c as late as 2.6.19:
> >
> > #ifdef M68K_IDE_SWAPW
> >         if (M68K_IDE_SWAPW) {   /* fix bus byteorder first */
> >                 u_char *p = (u_char *)id;
> >                 u_char t;
> >                 for (i = 0; i < 512; i += 2) {
> >                         t = p[i];
> >                         p[i] = p[i+1];
> >                         p[i+1] = t;
> >                 }
> >         }
> > #endif
> >
> > That's still needed for Atari and Q40. Again, may be due to me using
> > vanilla sources instead of Geert's quilt patches, though I saw no trace of
> > that in the patch titles.
> > Putting that bit back in gives me a bootable kernel (on ARAnyM).
> > Yay for AranyM!
> That's POSTPONED/141-ide.diff, not mainline. Good to know it's still needed.
> I'll try to get it mainlined.

OK; good to kown it's still in your queue.

> Note that recently some byteswapping code was removed (the generic one
> you can specify on the kernel command line, to read normal disks on
> e.g. Atari and Atari disks on normal systems), but I did check that one
> didn't impact us.

hdb=swap hasn't worked for me last I tried a while back, and it is missed
indeed. When did it get removed?

That would actually be nice to have as an optional patch - or maybe it
could be handled by a special 'crypto' module and cryptoloop mounting the
disk? Plugging an Atari disk into a PC would be a great way for Christian
to get the necessary install files copied on his Falcon disk ...

> > BTW: the borked ATA_HD_CONTROL register bug will alsi hit macide (and
> > perhaps others). gayle.c passes the sanitized control port value to
> > gayle_setup_ports so it's in the clear.
> Thx, good to know! Didn't check Gayle since last weekend...

Bhudda is in the clear as well IIRC, FWIW.


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