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Re: xserver settings falcon ct60

Michael Schmitz píše v Pá 08. 02. 2008 v 00:21 +0100:
> > So can anyone tell me what settings I have to use in
> > XFree86.
> Break out the compiler and binutils, install the xorg X server source, and
> start coding a driver for a framebuffer device using interleaved bit
> planes (or rather, interleaved pixels) for Atari. Consult the 2.6 kernel
> Atari framebuffer device to see how bits for the different color
> components of one pixel are mapped to the corresponding interleaved bytes.
> The only thing that might still work is monochrome mode (atafb=sthigh
> f.e.)

I have just tried "vga2" and it says

(EE) FBDEV(0): unsupported number of bits per pixel: 1


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