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Re: xserver settings falcon ct60


> After many many tries, I managed to get "sarge"
> running so that I can see the bash. I can logon, but
> if I start XFree86, it quits after a black screen and
> tells me sth about received value 11 or sth like that.
> So can anyone tell me what settings I have to use in
> XFree86.

Break out the compiler and binutils, install the xorg X server source, and
start coding a driver for a framebuffer device using interleaved bit
planes (or rather, interleaved pixels) for Atari. Consult the 2.6 kernel
Atari framebuffer device to see how bits for the different color
components of one pixel are mapped to the corresponding interleaved bytes.

The only thing that might still work is monochrome mode (atafb=sthigh
f.e.). If you still get a sigsegv on that mode, use gdb to figure out
precisely where it fails.

And no, I'm not kidding.


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