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Re: xserver settings falcon ct60

Hi Petr, hi all,

In other words the XFree86 doesn't work on Atari, right?

Well, think that is the fact. At least I can confirm this for all my countless tries to install Linux/m68k WITH X11 since kernel 2.2.x

It did used to work, some centuries ago (I still do remember it), but since some change in kernel 2.2.x (or was it 2.0.x) it stopped working.

Oh, I remember, too. Petr, actually it was one of your kernels that let me install a fully working Debian installation on my Afterburner equipped Falcon. :-)

how about the Falcon truecolor (15/16-bit) mode? Could that work in theory? :-) It should be easy to find out on ARAnyM, actually.

I'd really appreciate a working X11. Without it is just half the fun.

Well, apart from that I have to admit that Linux/m68k for ATARIans is a little bit like a nightmare. Not only that X11 isn't working, there isn't a current cd installation version and networking is unstable as well.

But please don't understand me wrong. I am not complaining, of course I like the fact that there are still people (some of them I dare call friends ;-)) who try to keep the ATARI branch of Linux/m68k alive but for the majority of ATARIans Linux/m68k is far from being usable.



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