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Re: xserver settings falcon ct60


> > The only thing that might still work is monochrome mode (atafb=sthigh
> > f.e.)
> I have just tried "vga2" and it says
> (EE) FBDEV(0): unsupported number of bits per pixel: 1

And what does the sthigh mode result in?

Something related to that one-bit special case of VGA2 or generic
monochrome modes rings a very faint bell, but I doubt I ever fiddled with
the X server code at that stage (kernel framebuffer was way easier to work
on, and XFree at least was a horrible mess). A search back in the archives
about 10 years might uncover something.

Xorg may be nicer to work with, and the way Geert suggested may not mean
writing thousands of lines of code (but I bet it means getting familiar
with tens of thousands first). Letting X draw to a shadow framebuffer then
copying changed rectangles of the shadow framebuffer to the real
framebuffer means we can focus on just one draw function to get right.
Wastes memory for the shadow of course (which needs not be in ST-RAM

The cache flush problems that killed the old XFree server are related  to
XFree's way of dynamcally loading it's modules. IIRC Xorg does it
differently now (dlopen?) and that part should work.

Which architectures still do use fbdev for X, anyway?


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