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Re: Washi

Petr Stehlik wrote:
Mark Duckworth wrote:
As for boot time, we are considering another option for upcoming release that would basically disable any video output refreshing. Linux-m68k could benefit from that.

I wonder if Aranym could be instructed to not do screen updates. This would be very helpful when it comes to running a headless buildd.

that's what I have written above (in previous mail).

One problem I had previous which I think has since been solved is that I was unable to remote display aranym. It wanted to do many screen refreshes a second which the network was unhappy about.

Mark, this is perfectly configurable... Set it to 1 FPS and your network should be 25 times happier than with the default setting :-)

SETUP -> VIDEO -> Videl Refresh rate.

You didn't know about that? :-(



I didn't exactly try that hard :-P


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