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Re: Washi

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 07:11:23AM +0100, Petr Stehlik wrote:
Stephen R Marenka píše v Ne 25. 11. 2007 v 16:12 -0600:

I love aranym. About the only thing I'd like to see would be a way to
suspend or save the current state so I could restart aranym right where
I was.
well, APM for Atari, right? I have been thinking about it but it's not
an easy task.

Just dreaming, perhaps. :)

 A natfeat serial port would also be pretty sweet.
We never had the need for serial port actually but it can be done, of

If I can figure out how to access the parallel port from userspace inside aranym running linux, that would probably work. I'm using File=stderr.

Here's where actual linux experience on atari would help. With debug=par on the kernel command line it's clear that linux can write to the port fine. However, there doesn't seem to be a device. If I modprobe parport_atari
I see some some initialization gibberish on aranym's stderr and linux tells
me that "parport0: Atari build-in port using irq," but doesn't seem to give me a device or anything I can use. Creating the device manually doesn't
seem to work either.

All I really want is a way to dump stuff from linux userspace to a file
outside aranym.

Any chance I could get a version where PAUSE is configurable in the
config? I always seem to be running aranym on a computer with no PAUSE
key. :)




Is this really for Aranym or MiNT debugging? If you simply wanted to communicate with the outside you could use networking or hostfs. If you want to do serial kernel debugging I suppose that's an entirely different story.


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