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Re: Recommendations for trying etch-m68k

On Sat, Jul 14, 2007 at 11:04:00PM -0700, Brian Morris wrote:
> FYI, i was looking at changelogs both debian and mainline the other day,
> trying to figure out where/ if your patches are included, I am not sure if
> you are gettting credit where due, I saw gert/roman in the mainline
> and christian in the debian but i did not see your name, I know you
> have been
> working hard and helping the macs a lot, I hope those guys at least throw
> you a "thanks" in the notes if they are not too busy, even belatedly.

I don't know where you've been looking, but I am trying to credit everybody
who sends me a patch

cts@spyder:/data/svn/kernel/dists/trunk/linux-2.6>grep Finn debian/changelog
  * m68k/mac: fixes for mace and cuda driver by Finn Thain
  * m68k/mac: fixes for mace and adb driver by Finn Thain
  * [m68k] Add mac via patch from Finn Thain.

I might have missed some patches, AFAIK Finn hasn't done any patches for
2.6.22 yet, but it is true, I haven't updated 2.6.21 for a while, and I am
not planning to, since debian will switch to 2.6.22 very soon. If anything
is missing for 2.6.22, just send it my way, and I'll try to include it.


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