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Recommendations for trying etch-m68k

I'd like to try Etch-m68k.  The machine I'd like to use is a Quadra 630
with a 1.1G IDE drive and 54M RAM.  It currently has a working Sarge
install that's just been used for experimental purposes.  I'm not too
concerned about the current contents of the drive.  I installed Sarge
using a bootable Emile CD, which I'm actually still using to boot the
machine.  (The kernel is 2.2.25-mac)

1.  I would like to try doing a dist-upgrade.  Is this likely to have
any chance of working?  I've got 343M free on the drive.  I can
uninstall some big packages for the upgrade and reinstall them later if
I'm likely to need more disk space.

2.  I would like to switch to a 2.6 kernel.  I just tried a 2.6.18-4-mac
floppy image from the EMILE SourceForge page.  It boots and I can SSH
in, but ADB seems to be broken (or maybe it's hardcoded for a non-US
keyboard layout?  (Is there a boot option?))  I guess I'll have to try
emile-tools and make my own boot disk.  Suggestions on a good binary?

3.  Any suggestions as to other considerations before trying the upgrade?


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