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Re: Recommendations for trying etch-m68k

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, Brian Morris wrote:

> On 7/13/07, Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net> wrote:

> > I'd like to try Etch-m68k.  The machine I'd like to use is a Quadra 630
> > with a 1.1G IDE drive and 54M RAM.

Are you sure about that? One simm, plus 4 soldered on would mean 68, 36, 
etc. Two simms plus 4 soldered on would be 68, 52 etc...

> my experience with the upgrade i was borderline with 36MB RAM but I 
> think you be ok (for upgrade at least) with 54. I bought a 128 which was 
> way overkill but there are 64s available new for $20US these days.

I just bought some 64 MB SIMMs on on ebay in preperation for an etch 
install. Works fine in my (single simm slot) 630 -- total is now 68 -- but 
each simm only registers as 32 MB in my Q 650. I guess that's why apple 
says avoid composite modules. Each has 36 chips:

Digital Equipment Corp part no. 54-24123-AA

> > I would like to switch to a 2.6 kernel.  I just tried a 2.6.18-4-mac 
> > floppy image from the EMILE SourceForge page.  It boots and I can SSH 
> > in, but ADB seems to be broken (or maybe it's hardcoded for a non-US 
> > keyboard layout?  (Is there a boot option?))  I guess I'll have to try 
> > emile-tools and make my own boot disk.  Suggestions on a good binary?
> I am running one of the 20s and i would use that. there are still 
> patches in progress and I would reccomend keeping up with the latest 
> kernels for a while. appears that etch will be backported officially to 
> 22 in the near future...

As far as hardware support for the Q630 goes, 2.6.18-4 or later should be 
OK. My patches went into debian kernels well before they went into 
mainline kernels.


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