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Re: Recommendations for trying etch-m68k

On 7/13/07, Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net> wrote:
I'd like to try Etch-m68k.  The machine I'd like to use is a Quadra 630
with a 1.1G IDE drive and 54M RAM.  It currently has a working Sarge
install that's just been used for experimental purposes.  I'm not too
concerned about the current contents of the drive.  I installed Sarge
using a bootable Emile CD, which I'm actually still using to boot the
machine.  (The kernel is 2.2.25-mac)

1.  I would like to try doing a dist-upgrade.  Is this likely to have
any chance of working?  I've got 343M free on the drive.  I can
uninstall some big packages for the upgrade and reinstall them later if
I'm likely to need more disk space.

you might fill up your drive with .deb lefttovers in /var. you could do
upgrade in stages, and apt-get clean between, or you could use a spare
drive for temporary storings.

depends on what packages you have, but if you run out of space for
what you want then what do you do.

I had a 2GB in my 630 that was the ide, before the upgrade and I put a
4 in for the upgrade. it is sadly much slower than it was designed for
but still definitely noticeably faster than the 2. Also it is true that when
you get towards the full of a drive the speed is 1/2 what is at the
beginning, that is simple geometry !! Where I live there are plenty
pulls for very cheap, making me glad that 630 has ide as compatible
scsi drives for 68k in good condition not as easily found.

my experience with the upgrade i was borderline with 36MB RAM but I
think you be ok (for upgrade at least) with 54. I bought a 128 which
way overkill but there are 64s available new for $20US these days.

2.  I would like to switch to a 2.6 kernel.  I just tried a 2.6.18-4-mac
floppy image from the EMILE SourceForge page.  It boots and I can SSH
in, but ADB seems to be broken (or maybe it's hardcoded for a non-US
keyboard layout?  (Is there a boot option?))  I guess I'll have to try
emile-tools and make my own boot disk.  Suggestions on a good binary?
I am running one of the 20s and i would use that. there are still patches
in progress and I would reccomend keeping up with the latest kernels for
a while. appears that etch will be backported officially to 22 in the near

I had to ssh in and run loadkeys us to fix keymap, but I still have some
troubles in X with keypad/ cursor (see other thread). some people are
repeating / verifying my results with same and other machines. you
could check too. if you can get a keymap that works 100% both console
and X and/ or find a fix, or work around.  Also some controversy on
whether Xorg works out of the box or you have to tweak the config.
which happens for you , i would be interested to hear.

3.  Any suggestions as to other considerations before trying the upgrade?

are there more than one revisions of the q630 ? mine has a date of
August 94 and has a single memory slot. One I saw once with two memory
slots (probably also labeled perform631cd ???) was labeled with a
manufacture date of July 95.  I am curious what yours says.


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