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Re: installing etch on atari

Michael Schmitz wrote:
I am trying to install etch on my falcon/ct60, after I lost my woody
installation. There are no atari kernels on the etch CD from january, so I
tried with the latest 2.6 kernel. This kernel has many drivers built in, the
installation starts fine, but it does not have SCSI drivers, so I can not
access the CD-Rom. I am kind of stuck here, I am not sure if a hdinstall
would help here.
Why not build a custom 2.6 kernel with scsi drivers built-in? The

Because this would be the first real test of Atari SCSI in 2.6, I guess.
Should be fine for reading the CD though (depending on how prone the
Falcon is to DMA clock problems; make sure to boot in ST-High

Note that I tried the d-i with 2.6.x on ARAnyM recently but it didn't find the CD eventhough IDE drivers were compiled in. With 2.4.x it used to work perfectly (well, apart from recognizing Atari PTBL, IIRC).


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