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Re: Change in package architectures list.

> > How do you get the peak VM usage data, then? That's been baffling me
> > since some time. Anyway, I'll give it a try one way or other.
> I didn't do anything very precise.  I just watched the build (via top,
> htop, or proc -- I forget), and it looked like the virtual memory
> footprint went a bit over 1GB.  So I know that the package isn't going
> to build on any machine that has less than that amount of RAM and
> swap.

OK; I was looking for something we can pull out of the process stats at
the end of a build. Maybe we'll have to settle for a similar method.

> However, just knowing that the virtual memory footprint is at least
> 1GB doesn't really indicate how much physical RAM might be needed to
> avoid excessive swapping (and build times).

The resident working set is also part of the top output (under RES) :-)

> So basically, all I have is a rough estimate, and I also don't know
> how gcc's memory usage might vary across platforms.

That's another unknown, right.

> > I wish I knew - the current build runs for a week now, and it could well
> > go on for a few days yet.
> OK.  Are you talking about m68k or arm?

m68k - and it looks like the gcc-snapshot build is going on for another
week. I try to give it a shot on the regular buildd as soon as it's
finished glibc.


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