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Re: Change in package architectures list.

> > Depending on the access pattern, a ratio of 2:1 swap to ram would be
> > painful. The only machine where I could try that right away only has
> > 256 MB RAM... and it's building gcc-snapshot right now.
> I don't really know how much RAM might be required for a reasonable
> gcc build time.  I only know a bit about the VM size.

How do you get the peak VM usage data, then? That's been baffling me since
some time. Anyway, I'll give it a try one way or other.

> > I'll give it a shot on the 512 MB box as soon as we're largely clear
> > of the backlog.
> Before you can try that I'll have to generate a new source package,
> one that includes pre-generated C for arm.  Do you have any idea how
> long it might be before you would be able to try the build?

I wish I knew - the current build runs for a week now, and it could well
go on for a few days yet.


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