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Re: Change in package architectures list.

> I believe compiling stalin with gcc now requires a bit over 1GB.
> i.e. gcc's VSS grows to a bit over 1GB.  Ignoring any other concerns,
> it didn't look like the arm and m68k buildds would be likely to handle
> that very well.
> However, if the buildd admins are willing to make sure that the
> buildds have perhaps 1.5GB total (swap included) and are willing to
> let the build run long enough to finish, then it should be possible to
> restore m68k and arm support.
> Would that be desirable?

Given that the maximum amount of RAM on m68k is 512 MB, I doubt this is
feasible. In particular, I would have to add a disk explicitly for swap to
my machine, or convert a data partition (with 512 MB RAM, I get by using
100 MB swap easily).

The pure compile time on the last arm build wasn't that outrageous -
what's the RAM size and CPU speed of toffee?


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