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Re: Buildd

Michael Schmitz <schmitz@mail.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:

>> > I would say that it would get updated at dinstall. Hmmm, it's not in
>> > incoming and it's not in the archive.
>> Makes me wonder what happened with the upload. I'll have to set up a scp
>> upload queue somewhere ...
> It seems to have been uploaded at least in part. ftpadmin will have to
> clear out the old upload before I can reupload. In the meantime, I can
> post the packages someplace for you to retrieve.
> people.d.o/~schmitz/gcc-4.1/ seems a good choice.
> 	Michael

Did you use the rsync method? This sounds like you uploaded the
changes file before all other files had been uploaded (which rsync
batch mode happily does).


PS: Alternatively to some admin cleaning up there are command files
you can send.

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