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Re: Buildd

> > On the upside: gcc-4.1 is finally building. May take up to five days to
> > finish. I'll set up a watchdog cronjob touching the log every hour to make
> > sure it's not hit by a timeout.
> gcc-4.1 is still stuck in Failed?!

Nov 26 09:43:22 buildd-uploader: 1 jobs to upload in upload:
Nov 26 09:45:18 buildd-uploader: dupload successful.
Nov 26 09:45:18 buildd-uploader: Set to Uploaded(unstable):

The box has no wanna-build access, so it wasn't automatically registered
as uploaded.

Why it did not show up as installed yet is beyond my imagination. I'll try
reuploading from hobbes.


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