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Re: EtherNAT Driver

> > I was planning on working on this once I got the hardware. I'll probably
> > write the EtherNEC driver first; Petr sent me some hardware to use.
> With working EtherNEC linux driver I could set up sid on my Falcon040
> and hopefully debug ARAnyM by comparing real hardware behaviour with the

ARAnyM does emulate the hardware quite well as far as it goes. Is it
possible to emulate SCSI and SCC as well? That would help me a great deal;
I had to shut down the buildd in order to get testing time on the hardware

> emulated one. So please try to write the driver, the EtherNEC is quite
> common network solution for atari nowadays. It could even bring more
> people to testing linux on their atari computers :-)

The EtherNEC driver definitely is on top of my TODO list.


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