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Re: Re: Atari machines running Debian?


On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> CVS 2.6.17 seems borked right now (lotsa nonexisting files messing up
> make clean etc.). I'll keep poking around in 2.6.13.

It would be far better to get 2.6.17 working, you'll will only have more 
problems later trying to forward port them, especially since the 
interrupt system drastically changed.

> I still don't understand the reason.
> "atari_slow_irq_" #n "_handler:\t"                                         \
> "       addl    %6,%5\n"        /* preempt_count() += HARDIRQ_OFFSET */    \
>         SAVE_ALL_INT "\n"                                                  \
>         GET_CURRENT(%%d0) "\n"                                             \
> (%5: "m" (preempt_count()), %6: "di" (HARDIRQ_OFFSET))
> is what fails to work,

"m" is not really a good constraint to use here, it may generate extra 
code in front of the assembly construct and thus in front of the handler.

> With Geert's clarification I'll give it a fresh try. I'm still unsure how
> to acquire a working screen buffer with ST-RAM swap disabled, but that'll
> eventually work out.

You could use something like arch/m68k/amiga/chipram.c to manage this 
memory area.

bye, Roman

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