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Re: Re: Atari machines running Debian?

> > Luckily ARAnyM offers up to 14 MB of ST-RAM (if you disable FastRAM by
> > settings its size to zero). Better than most TT/Falcons with just 4 MB
> > of ST-RAM.
> I'll try that. My 2.6.13 (the patched tree that used to run on the TT)
> dies in calibrate_delay() with scheduling from the idle thread. I receive
> no debug output whatsoever after time_init(). Investigating.

It turns out atari_tt_hwclock schedules while called from time_init() ...
if I fix that, the 'scheduling from the idle thread' message happens when
rest_init() finally calls schedule() to get the ball rolling. Something
can't be quite right there.


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