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Re: Re: Atari machines running Debian?

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Petr Stehlik wrote:
On a related note: Finn keeps telling me to go for 2.6.x kernel. Where I
can get the latest source code? How far (apart from framebuffer) are


they from running on Atari hardware? If I patched in my ethernet support
I could perhaps boot it and ssh in?

At least 2.6.14 did compile with the Atari defconfig.

AFAIR 2.5.15 still did not have discontig memory support, so wouldn't boot with TT-RAM. (I did send patches for 2.6.13 which went on top of Roman's patches, but didn't find any of these made it into 2.6.15)

With discontig memory support applied, 2.6.13 still had issues with interrupts (hardirq_count wasn't properly increased), and mouse/keyboard support was missing. The SCSI driver still relies on the old error handling, so I had to add a local timeout
function there.

Disabling the framebuffer, I was able to get it to boot on a TT, log in, and wreak havoc with loading framebuffer modules.

BTW, what happened to the patches for framebuffer support? I remember someone
was working on it for ARAnyM, but I'm still waiting for the patches...
I did receive some patch from Petr, but that would not run either... I need a primer in the current fbcon API before giving it another go.

And ARAnyM related: has anyone tried running different kernel than the
one I provided? Different distro than sarge or woody? Do they also
experience missing files when try something as simple as "tar -c /usr
>/dev/null" ?

Nope, so far (last weekend) I only tried your kernel and ramdisk.
I successfully tested a 2.4.33 both with and without aranym related patches. Occasional filesystem hiccups (ELF header of /bin/ps borked, install of bsdmainutils borked because of some file name getting a spurious character inserted) but that all seems to happen in the buffer cache only - it's gone after reboot.


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