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Re: Re: Atari machines running Debian?

Michael Schmitz píše v Út 22. 08. 2006 v 17:59 +0200:
> AFAIR 2.5.15 still did not have discontig memory support, so wouldn't 
> boot with TT-RAM. (I did send patches for 2.6.13 which went on top of 
> Roman's patches, but didn't find any of these made it into 2.6.15)

Luckily ARAnyM offers up to 14 MB of ST-RAM (if you disable FastRAM by
settings its size to zero). Better than most TT/Falcons with just 4 MB
of ST-RAM.

> With discontig memory support applied, 2.6.13 still had issues with 
> interrupts (hardirq_count wasn't properly increased)

that's not good.

> and mouse/keyboard support was missing.

this might not be hard to add.

> >BTW, what happened to the patches for framebuffer support? I remember someone
> >was working on it for ARAnyM, but I'm still waiting for the patches...
> >
> I did receive some patch from Petr, but that would not run either... 

yes, that must have been the patch I was talking about - it was written
by Milan Jurik but without any testing, I think.

> I successfully tested a 2.4.33 both with and without aranym related 
> patches. Occasional filesystem hiccups (ELF header of /bin/ps borked, 
> install of bsdmainutils borked because of some file name getting a 
> spurious character inserted) but that all seems to happen in the buffer 
> cache only - it's gone after reboot.

Yes - this very problem is the one I have been tracking last few days.
The occassional (very rare) sigsegv can be related or caused by this.


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