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Re: Atari machines running Debian?

Michael Schmitz wrote:
BTW, I have straced "tar -C /usr/bin -c ." and found out that
'getdents64()' returns those corrupted filenames:

You mean, you pipe the output of this to /dev/null and wait for error


How many repetitions?

it doesn't matter. It's 99+% reproducible so it's OK to run it under strace etc - it's always doing the same thing, i.e. failing with corrupted "slabtop"->"slabt".

Doesn't throw an error right away for
me... not even with your kernel image used.

now that smells. A timing problem caused by different host speed? :-O

Can't reproduce this; I've upgraded all disk images to testing in the
meantime, though.

I can reproduce it with both sarge and etch disk images I uploaded to web. But with sarge I had different filenames "corrupted". Maybe you could try the etch.img I uploaded - if you don't mind downloading 143 MB file. Perhaps it depends on the number of files in a directory or something like that.


P.S. I'll retest the etch.img and "tar -C /usr/bin -c . >/dev/null" on another, slightly faster (K7 2500+) host. I'd let you know if it behaved differently.

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