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Re: [linux-mac68k] Re: Tried Ricardo Mottola's (sp?) 2.6.10


> >
> > I would have expected both ethernet drivers to get loaded at the same
> > time. The macsonic driver (onboard) first, then mac8390 (nubus). Are
> > you sure both are compiled in?
> It probably isn't compiled in. I'm not sure as I didn't build the
> kernel, Ricardo Mottola did. I still haven't found the time to build a
> cross-compiler setup on my i386 box, and haven't enough disk-space on
> the mac I think (disk is only 500 Mb).

drivers for both are compiled in. I slapped in all mac drievrs except
the "generic media device support".
Fact is that Sonic is almost the only working thing on my quadra 840!

if there any reasonable news in the kernel from the 68k side (serial?
adb? news for q950 or IIfx?) I could attempt to compile a new kernel.


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