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Re: Tried Ricardo Mottola's (sp?) 2.6.10

Brad Boyer wrote:
On Sat, Feb 05, 2005 at 12:36:52PM +0100, Erik C.J. Laan wrote:

A while ago Rocard Mottola (sp?) said he had compiled 2.6.10  with some
fixes from Brad and/or Finn (don't remember). He also asked anyone
interested in trying this kernel to mail him. I did, but only today
found time to test this kernel. It works better that any 2.6.7 or 2.6.8
kernel I tried before, as it gets past the initializing of the onboard
Sonic. It hangs at or after "adb: starting probe task" message. Right
now I've started it a seocnd time to verify. As is hasn't yet gone into
multi-user mode I can not try to login with ssh. Also I notice it detect
the second NIC in the Nubus slot but has not (yet) connected it to an
"ethx"-device. Should that happen before or after starting the adb probe

I would have expected both ethernet drivers to get loaded at the same
time. The macsonic driver (onboard) first, then mac8390 (nubus). Are
you sure both are compiled in?

It probably isn't compiled in. I'm not sure as I didn't build the kernel, Ricardo Mottola did. I still haven't found the time to build a cross-compiler setup on my i386 box, and haven't enough disk-space on the mac I think (disk is only 500 Mb).

Thanks, Erik

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