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Apache no longer executing cgi scripts


I am using Apache 1.3.26 on my m68k box (Amiga).  I just realized that
my cgi-scripts that I had set up via .htaccess files quit working (there
may have been a security update to apache?).

I believe I have the configuration correct to allow scripts, via an
AddHandler directive in my .htaccess file.  My AIX box at work, with
Apache 1.3.19, works as expected with the same .htaccess file.

Using the script error logging feature of apache, it is like my script
is not even being run.  I have tried several types of scripts, perl, sh,
and even an executable (hello, world for cgi) compiled with gcc.  All
run properly from an interactive shell, and permissions are correct.

One again, they wored properly until recently.  I do apt-get updates
against security.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


--Lance (LanceTag@Luminet.net)

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