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Re: Debian Woody on PowerBook 190 - again? :-(

On Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 01:27:50AM +0100, Arndt Georg Alexander Voges wrote:
> now the question... can anyone explain to me, how i can partition my 
> existing 500mb-drive using mac-fdisk (no man-pages in the rescue 
> disk...)? and the most important thing: how do i get the installer to 
> work? or which files do i have to copy to my new root-partition? as you 
> allready asumed, it seems that the woody-installer doesn't like the 
> 2.6-kernel. i wasn't able to find out, which root image on the sarge-cd 
> 1 is the apropriate for me. there are such folders as "cdrom" etc, each 
> containing another rootimage. do i have to ungzip it before telling 
> penguin to use it?

It's generally safer to use the MacOS tools to setup the partitions. In
particular, you have to be very careful not to mess up the drivers if
you edit the partition map in Linux. They are required for booting.

Penguin should handle gzipped images, but it increases the memory
requirements in most cases.

	Brad Boyer

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