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Re: Debian Woody on PowerBook 190 - again? :-(

On Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 02:34:16PM +0100, Arndt Georg Alexander Voges wrote:
> i'm trying to install the current stable debian m68k-port on my 
> powerbook 190. what i did so far:
> linux then starts booting, but stops while initializing the internal 
> ide hard drive.

I suspect that the kernel that came with woody didn't support the
baboon IDE very well. According to the source, the PB190 is the
only 68k mac with this style of IDE, so it most likely wasn't
very well tested. It looks in CVS like there were a lot of fixes
that went into 2.4 that I doubt ever made it back to 2.2.

> i then tried a 2.6 kernel image. it skips the ide thing finding the 
> drive. it stops at the very first step of "init". i can use the 
> keyboard though, switching through the consoles.

If you're using a woody root image, I suspect that it doesn't like
the 2.6 kernel. Have you tried a sarge install using a 2.6 kernel?

> any idea? can anyone maybe post any specific info for my kind of 
> powerbook model? i'm a linux-on-mac-newbie and don't have a clue, what 
> is going wrong...

The powerbook support is poor at best. However, the PB190 is one of
the models that did mostly work at one point. Joshua Thompson put in
a ton of work on it in the 2.4 series, and most of the work that made
it into 2.4 did get into 2.6 too.

	Brad Boyer

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