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Re: Debian Woody on PowerBook 190 - again? :-(

Arndt Georg Alexander Voges wrote:

> hi everyone,
> i'm trying to install the current stable debian m68k-port on my 
> powerbook 190. what i did so far:


> i then tried a 2.6 kernel image. it skips the ide thing finding the 
> drive. it stops at the very first step of "init". i can use the 
> keyboard though, switching through the consoles.

I tried to install on the very same machine a few weeks ago, and I got 
stuck just like you did. If you're interested you can search the list 
archives for the messages I posted back then (or I can mail them to you 
privately). Bottom line is, the video chip is supported, ADB seems to work, 
IDE seems to work, but there appears to be some kind of conflict between 
recent kernels and recent INITs. Let us (me) know if you figure things out!



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