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Re: Debian Woody on PowerBook 190 - again? :-(


thank you for your help so far!

i booted linux using my 2.6.whatever-mac-kernel as i did last time. using "init=/bin/sh" i finally got it working... with the rescue system of course.

now the question... can anyone explain to me, how i can partition my existing 500mb-drive using mac-fdisk (no man-pages in the rescue disk...)? and the most important thing: how do i get the installer to work? or which files do i have to copy to my new root-partition? as you allready asumed, it seems that the woody-installer doesn't like the 2.6-kernel. i wasn't able to find out, which root image on the sarge-cd 1 is the apropriate for me. there are such folders as "cdrom" etc, each containing another rootimage. do i have to ungzip it before telling penguin to use it?

i have the current debian woody and the testing-sarge on cdrom (external scsi).


On Sat, 8 Jan 2005, Brad Boyer wrote:

On Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 02:34:16PM +0100, Arndt Georg Alexander Voges wrote:

i then tried a 2.6 kernel image. it skips the ide thing finding the
drive. it stops at the very first step of "init". i can use the
keyboard though, switching through the consoles.

If you're using a woody root image, I suspect that it doesn't like
the 2.6 kernel. Have you tried a sarge install using a 2.6 kernel?

I haven't had any trouble with woody and 2.6, other than the swap version, which is easily fixed with mkswap.

Perhaps you could try "init=/bin/sh" on the kernel command line, that might tell us more.


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