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Debian Woody on PowerBook 190 - again? :-(

hi everyone,

i'm trying to install the current stable debian m68k-port on my powerbook 190. what i did so far:

burn the cd
put the cd in an external drive
copied penguin to my hard drive
booted linux via penguin as described in the installation manual, using the linux and root images on the cd in the "mac" dir. option: root=/dev/ram

linux then starts booting, but stops while initializing the internal ide hard drive.

i then tried a 2.6 kernel image. it skips the ide thing finding the drive. it stops at the very first step of "init". i can use the keyboard though, switching through the consoles.

any idea? can anyone maybe post any specific info for my kind of powerbook model? i'm a linux-on-mac-newbie and don't have a clue, what is going wrong...

thanks in advance!


Arndt Georg Alexander Voges
Kirberichshofer Weg 8b
52066 Aachen
Mobil: +49 (0) 170 9823149


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