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linux on mac problem

I tried several times to install the base system using the basedebs.tar. It keeps hanging every time.

I also tried doing the HTTP download because I do have a ethernet card and internet connection.

It fails every time on the Packages.gz file. It says it is corrupt. I am leaving the default location (http://http.us.debian.org/debian).

Does anyone know of another place I can try do download from?

As an alternative I do have a web server her on my LAN. I tried expanding the basedebs.tar file to a folder and pointing a web site to it. I was told by the install on the mac that the Release check failed. I am guessing the folder structure is different in the basedebs.tar than if you download.

Can someone tell me a way to build the folders and files on my own server? Maybe that would work.

Any ideas at this point would be great.

Tony Pitman
Shatalmic Company

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