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Re: 68k or m68k port status

On Wed, 2003-07-09 00:22:04 +0200, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be>
wrote in message <[🔎] 1057702923.23009.1.camel@rock.grep.be>:
> Op di 08-07-2003, om 19:04 schreef John Klos:
> Due to our autobuilders, things are more or less in sync now; only when
> there are porting- or toolchain-issues, things get out of sync.
> (And yes, there are toolchain-issues for m68k currently. I'd think help
> is appreciated :-)

Not only that. 11 architectures, that reads *really* good. But I fear
that one or the other might die at some time. While collecting data for
http://lug-owl.de/~jbglaw/linux-ports/ ,  I noticed that for example
Ataris (only as an example - there are other boxes / boards which are to
disappear) are on their best way to die out. 2.2.x is by possibility the
"latest" kernel which supported these boxes and there seems to be no
real efford to re-support them in the 2.5.x / 2.7.x timeline.

It would be *really* cool to have some Debian Text Centre. I know that
there are autobuilders available for all architectures, but they
fullfill a different need (-> a hopefully stable box to compile all the
userspace). But that's only half of the truth. We also need some boxes
running the bleeding edge stuff to recognize risig problems _early_.

I could basically give some machines for such a Test Centre, but
unfortunately, I don't have a place to put them to, nor do I have power
and appropriate connectivity.

Maybe some university could offer some room in some dark cellar?!


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