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Re: 68k or m68k port status

> > Is one of the goals, stated or otherwise, of Debian to produce a
> > consistent source tree which is the same version across architectures?
> Debian packages for all arches are built from the same source. For a package
> to propagate from unstable to testing, it has to be built on all (currently)
> 11 arches and have no serious bugs. For a package to be part of a Debian
> release, it has to be in testing at the time of the release. So I guess the
> answer is yes.

I was more curious about the Debian OS project itself, not necessarily the
packages project. One of the reasons I left Linux many years ago is
because of the lack of consistency and support across architectures, but
I'm getting the impression that Debian is working to fix that. It seems
that m68k and PowerPC seem to be on parity with i386 in terms of codebase
age and usability. Is this impression correct?

> > If so, maybe there aren't that many m68k related problems.
> Oh no, there are. Mainly gcc-3.3 bugs, which seem to miscompile some
> packages, which in turn make those unstallable, which in turn make the build
> of other packages fail before the build even starts. Check the failed build
> pages on crest and start fixing those gcc bugs. But then this is all for
> testing, and probably not many people are running testing on m68k.

I'm sure whatever work is done for m68k will be of use for NetBSD 2.0,
which will have gcc 3.3 as the toolchain... can't wait to see!

John Klos
Sixgirls Computing Labs

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