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Re: 68k or m68k port status


> > I was more curious about the Debian OS project itself, not necessarily the
> > packages project.
> I haven't read my Stallman lately, what is the Debian OS? Isn't it
> GNU/Linux? GNU packages and Linux is the kernel. GNU/Hurd and and GNU/BSD
> are in the works afaik, you might want to ask on a different list if you
> want to hear more about that.

You mean that an installation of Debian is nothing more than the Linux
kernel, a collection of GNU utilities, and the Debian package system?
There's nothing else unique about Debian at all?

> > One of the reasons I left Linux many years ago is because of the lack of
> > consistency and support across architectures, but I'm getting the
> > impression that Debian is working to fix that. It seems that m68k and
> > PowerPC seem to be on parity with i386 in terms of codebase age and
> > usability. Is this impression correct?
> What Codebase? The kernel? The GNU?

Kernel, userland, and packages. I'm sorry - did I need to be specific
about this?

The point is that when I first tried Debian many, many years ago, i386
Debian was noticeably newer than m68k Debian, and there were some security
issues with m68k Debian software (both OS software (kernel and userland)
and packages) due to its age. Because I was somewhat new to Linux, I found
it difficult to compile things from scratch, so I decided m68k Debian
wasn't viable at that time.

I'm curious to see how things have changed in the last five or more years.

John Klos
Sixgirls Computing Labs

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