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Re: CVS kernel-image for mac

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 01:33:03PM -0500, Hank wrote:
> Tried the 2.4.20 kernel. The penguin showed up, but ended up with a 
> kernel panic:
> "Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!"
> Same result on Quadra 950 and Quadra  840AV

	Same result on IIvx.

Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 80x30
fb0: Brazil built-in frame buffer device
Instruction Fault at 0x001b5a00
Oops: 00000000
PC: [<001b5a00>]
SR: 2000  SP: 002e9f18  a2: 002e8000
d0: 0000003f  d1: 00000029  d2: 0000003e  d3: 0018c436
d4: 0018c390  d5: 0018c392  a0: 00000000  a1: 003d7895
Process swapper (pid: 1, stackpage=002e9000)
Frame format=B ssw=b24d isc=02ff isb=ffff daddr=00000000 dobuf=001b5a02
baddr=00000002 dibuf=00000000 ver=f
Stack from 002e9fa0:
        0018c5aa 000000ba 0009daf2 001b4d6c 001bf8a4 00000000 00000001 00001000
        00000001 00000002 001bf854 00002000 042db910 001c1ff8 001b4a0c 001af2fa
        00000000 0000b26e 001af32a 00002038 00000000 00000000 00003e18 00000000
Call Trace:
        [<0009daf2>] [<00001000>] [<00002000>] [<0000b26e>]
        [<00002038>] [<00003e18>]
Code: 4e90 5393 4280 01f9 0016 ee9f 56c0 4a00 660c 486b
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

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