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Re: CVS kernel-image for mac

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 01:33:03PM -0500, Hank wrote:
> Hi!
> Tried the 2.4.20 kernel. The penguin showed up, but ended up with a 
> kernel panic:
> "Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!"

So thats what Ray ment with 2.4.x does not boot on mac? Hmm...

> Same result on Quadra 950 and Quadra  840AV

You've got linux working on a q840av? Anything specific I should know about
that? I waiting for a bunch of adapters before I can turn it on, I'm afraid
I wont have everything before I have to go to Alaska again...
And one question, how do I get to the memory slots, do I have to take
everything apart or is there an easy way?


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