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Re: CD Player Software for Debian?

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 09:17:28AM +0000, Lance Tagliapietra wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to be able to listen to my audio CDs on my CD-ROM
> drive under Linux.  Can someone recommend a package for the
> 68K which will start a CD playing, and does not require X Window
> installed?

Here is the command line I use to play CDs:

cdda2wav -C little -t 1+`cdir | tail -1 | sed 's/^..[^ ]* *//'` -D /dev/cdrom -N -e -d0 -I cooked_ioctl -q &

This is on an iMac; YMMV with respect to the mac.

"The way the Romans made sure their bridges worked is what 
we should do with software engineers. They put the designer 
under the bridge, and then they marched over it." 
-- Lawrence Bernstein, Discover, Feb 2003

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