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Re: Curious on 68k uses

Hi Dana

In the first place, I was curious about seeing Linux on a Mac, and what applications may run comfortably on such an old box. I can't say much about server apps, beeing a non-programmer folk, save that Boa seems to be quite snappy on static pages. I gave away my Intel PII box, so I currently use my Quadra 630 as a basic Internet station (mutt-procmail-fetchmail, links, emacs) with some ipchains rules and an ssh server. I write articles in html format, as docbook-xml is definitly too sluggish to load. Writing articles is my bread and butter and I use this machine say 30% of my time for this purpose. In the future, when I buy a new PC, I hope to set up a print server (BTW, if anyone succeded with a HP520 printer, I might be interested in your /etc/printcap and serial port setup) and a scanner server, with sane.

Was it a Shrödinger's cat?

Dana Sibera wrote:

I do hope this isn't an out-of-place question, however curiosity's gotten the better of me

As users of 68k hardware, in that realm we're not among the users of the speediest machines hardware-wise (OS efficiency is something else entirely!), what do y'all actually -do- with your amiga/atari/mac/vmebus/etc boxes? Is it a learn-linux-on-a-spare-machine thing, a hobby, some solid 'real work' that you do?

Thanks :)
dana (...it wasn't permanently fatal for the cat)
unnaturally hosted on a Q605,

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