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Re: Curious on 68k uses

>Date:          Fri, 3 May 2002 00:32:28 +1000
>Subject:       Curious on 68k uses
>From:          Dana Sibera <dana@jaime.com>
>To:            debian-68k@lists.debian.org
>I do hope this isn't an out-of-place question, however curiosity's 
>gotten the better of me
>As users of 68k hardware, in that realm we're not among the users of the 
>speediest machines hardware-wise (OS efficiency is something else 
>entirely!), what do y'all actually -do- with your 
>amiga/atari/mac/vmebus/etc boxes? Is it a learn-linux-on-a-spare-machine 
>thing, a hobby, some solid 'real work' that you do?
>Thanks :)
>dana (...it wasn't permanently fatal for the cat)
>unnaturally hosted on a Q605,
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Hi Dana,

For me, a bit of everything. I wanted to get an apache web server "et al" up and running to do some database 
development work and also learn some more linux/unix than I would learn from telnetting into someone elses 
Unix box. I had a spare 68K mac (IIci) that had a network card and (I thought) fairly reasonable HD size 
(turns out that this is barely enough - 120MB doesn't go very far nowadays...). I set it up "from scratch" 
with potato and I've had a lot of late nights since.... Or at least I had been. Once I got the basic OS 
working and got it onto a network, I then installed apache, a few extra web server goodies and configured 
ipchains firewall and other security features to my liking. Now I have a (slow) apache web server that works, 
I know a lot more about linux than I did before (but still only the tip of the proverbial iceberg) and I have 
a big cheezy grin on my face every time I look at my little "linux box" setting there on the corner of my 
desk. Of course my main machine is a still a G3 bells and whistles running Mac OS. However, its good to know 
a thing or two about how a REAL operating system works ;-)


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