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Re: New to m68k: installation questions!

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 01:36:48PM -0600, Mike Renfro wrote:
> > well it's 24mhz... sure tuxracer won't run... anyway what's the problem
> > with framebuffer?
> It's slow. On my SE/30 that we've used for demos at Debian booths
> before, someone wrote code that went through the dpkg available file
> and printed out package information (similar to dpkg --info
> somepackage). The printout, running through a loop at full speed with
> nothing else running on the system, was slow enough to be readable. No
> X, nothing more than a framebuffer console text mode.

actually, X is way faster than framebuffer text mode if you have 
enough memory.


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