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Re: New to m68k: installation questions!

> If it's an internal CD, you *may* be able to open up the case, replace
why may?

> the LCIII SCSI cable with a longer one with 3 connectors, do the
      ^^^^^ well mine is a IIci but i don't think it changes a lot

> install, and replace the old cable as you close the case
> afterwards. Your LCIII just doesn't have any room to permanently mount
> an internal CD.

i can live with the open case :)

> The easiest thing is to find a CD in an external SCSI case, then get

easiest to use something i already have, no? :P

> You have an additional video card in an LCIII? I suppose it's
> possible, but I'd far prefer an ethernet card in that slot. Odds are,

my IIci has 3 slots, so...

> the worst that would happen is that the replacement video card won't
> be seen at all, the best that would happen is that your card will be

well with 16milions colors against 256 i hope very much that it will use
the good video card...

> treated like the onboard video. But since it's all framebuffer-based,
> don't go expecting to play tuxracer or anything.

well it's 24mhz... sure tuxracer won't run... anyway what's the problem
with framebuffer?

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