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New to m68k: installation questions!

I've got a similar problem:
I'd like to install both System7.5 and Linux on a MacIIci ( 8MB ram,
80MB hd).

I thought i could make two partitions, one for macos and the other for
linux, and hope everything will fit in.

But installing macos from diskettes should be a pain, and also i don't
know how to install the 20+MB potato base... so i was wondering if i
could either

1) installing it on a dd'ed image of the hard disk on my pc and then
re-dd it to the mac

2) use a cd-rom drive to do the installations (i've got a scsi cdrom,
but i don't know scsi very well, so i don't know how to use it on the

And there are also other problem that can arise: in that mac i have an
additional video card, much better than the integrated one, could this
cause any problem?

> [1] E.g., although I know System 7.5.3 is a free download, I haven't
> looked if it's legal to redistribute.

if it's a free download, it surely can be redistributed without
modifications (AFAIK). to know if it allows modifications, u have to see
the license.

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