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Re: New to m68k: installation questions!

> > 1) installing it on a dd'ed image of the hard disk on my pc and then
> > re-dd it to the mac
> You can't. Unless your PC runs on an m68k processor, but I doubt that
> ;-)

(well, since there are cross-compilers i hoped there was a way to do a
"cross-installation... :)

and using the dd'ed image of somebody else hd? maybe somebody should not
work, but maybe it can be fixed...

> > 2) use a cd-rom drive to do the installations (i've got a scsi
> > cdrom, but i don't know scsi very well, so i don't know how to use
> > it on the mac)
> Should work. 


how could i plug the cdrom into the mac? it have only one scsi bus slot
on the motherboard, so i should buy a scsi bus that have two
"connectors"? (one for the hd and one for the cd?) And what about the
power? i should buy something like an "Y" cable to power the cd-rom too?

and this cd installation maybe can be done easily for linux, but for
system7? it is in diskettes, how can do it from cd?

> 3) download only the root-image and the linux kernel binary, and do a
> network-installation.

is it what i did? i downloaded the 20MB potato base system.
but i have a sloooooow connection, so i'd like some of my friends
download iso for me and they give me the cd.

anyway the mac have an ethernet card, if i buy an ethernet card for my
pc, could it connect to internet through my pc connection?

> > And there are also other problem that can arise: in that mac i have
> > an additional video card, much better than the integrated one, could
> > this cause any problem?
> That should not cause any problem, but one never knows...

i hope so (i mean i want to use the additional card... i hope that the
integrated card won't conflict)

> > if it's a free download, it surely can be redistributed without
> > modifications (AFAIK). to know if it allows modifications, u have to
> > see the license.
> I wouldn't be too sure about that one.

since there isn't any advertisement in the apple section where u
download the system, u will save a bit of their bandwidth if u obtain in
another way that files, and they do not loose nothing.

unfortunately u may be right, nobody knows how a big company thinks (for
example N****ndo is trying to remove the roms also of their old 8-bit
console from the internet sites. and both that console and the games are
not sold anymore for years...)

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