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Re: New to m68k: installation questions!

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Lo'oRiS il Kabukimono wrote:
> > > 2) use a cd-rom drive to do the installations (i've got a scsi
> > > cdrom, but i don't know scsi very well, so i don't know how to use
> > > it on the mac)
> > 
> > Should work. 
> well.
> how could i plug the cdrom into the mac? it have only one scsi bus slot
> on the motherboard, so i should buy a scsi bus that have two
> "connectors"? (one for the hd and one for the cd?) And what about the
> power? i should buy something like an "Y" cable to power the cd-rom too?

There are narrow SCSI connector cables with three connections (one for the
motherboard, one for the hd and one for the CD-ROM). Those "Y" cables
exist, too.

> and this cd installation maybe can be done easily for linux, but for
> system7? it is in diskettes, how can do it from cd?

There are setupdisks available by FTP from apple's website...

> > 3) download only the root-image and the linux kernel binary, and do a
> > network-installation.
> is it what i did? i downloaded the 20MB potato base system.
> but i have a sloooooow connection, so i'd like some of my friends
> download iso for me and they give me the cd.
> anyway the mac have an ethernet card, if i buy an ethernet card for my
> pc, could it connect to internet through my pc connection?

Yes. You've got loads of options: install a proxy, use iptables or
ipchains and set up NAT, put the CD in your pc's CDROM player and install
over NFS, ...

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