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Re: Security? Re: Somebody build python2 for unstable (please, please!)

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 11:56:02PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

> > >From my point of view, watching the buildd on arrakis, 32 MB should be the
> > recommended minimum amount of RAM. The more the better, of course. ;))
> Should be no problem.

Uhm, well, time to mention that donations of RAM and disk space (and may be
other hardware) are always welcome for the other buildds... ;-))) 

> As I said, it's still possible to add some RAM to this machine. I must be
> having some unused RAM-SIMMs lying around here, and there's an unused
> Centris 610 (No network, LC040) here too. With 20 Megs of RAM.

See, when someone else would be able to donate a network card for this
machine... ;-)

> > Well, as stated to Branden, the chroot enviroment, which is needed, dislike
> > NFS drives. 
> I just found that out when trying to build a custom kernel ;-)


But I guess, this could be changed to a nfs friendly way of file locking and
so on by a skilled person... 

> > Uhm, if I remember correctly, you don't need buildd source but sbuild & co.,
> buildd, wanna-build and sbuild are all in the same source-package ;-)
> (and quinn-diff too? Not sure)

quinn-diff is available seperatedly, I think... 

> > but Michael Schmitz will be able to tell you more.
> I'll ask him for more information. Thx!
> BTW: Why is there no buildd in the archive? Especially when configured
> using some nice debconf-things, this would encourage people that are not 
> that technically skilled to set up auto-build-environments. Is there an
> emotional or a technical reason to that?

Somewhat of both, I think.
First, you need to have some authorization to upload packages, usually no
problem for a Debian maintainer/developer. Second, your buildd needs to be
setup on kullervo. Third, you (or someone else) has to reply to buildds
mails to rebuild, reschedule, dep-wait, etc. packages, and/or writing bug
reports for failed builds or missing build-depends.
Depending on speed of your buildd this can result in several MB of mail you
have to reply to every day, depending on logfile sizes of your builds.

So, running a buildd is not a task like dnetc or seti@home for distributed
building of packages, and thus not everyone should be able to run a buildd,
I guess... ;-)) (remember the security aspect mentioned that started this
thread! ;-)

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