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Re: XServer of choice

On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 03:35:02PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> Ah, Christian, you're alive again.
Sort of (and my Amiga might arrive tomorrow, next I need is a phone line, a
monitor and a PC at home, plus a transformator). Oh and of course a desk to
put it on... and a car. And my SSN... well, you get the point?
> Actually, 4.0.3 doesn't even build on m68k.  My build crashed after 26
> hours with linking errors in libXfont.a, of all things.  At first glance
> it's a real puzzler for me.
> Can you look at the build log and offer any advice?  Please also note that
> I had to revert one of your patches, but it was to the xf86loader code, and
> I don't see how it could possibly affect libXfont static linkage.
I will have a look, but not today. I just got a Sony Vaio (didnt know they
built desktops) I hope I can get X running on it, it has an "unknown" ATI
Hmm, Rage 128 Pro PR and an LCD display. Shouldn't be difficult, should it?
Didn't work i the first try (I wanted to buy a Rage 128 for my new home
machine, so it'd better work here...). I wonder what other funny hardware is
in this box, firewire, sound, memory stick. Oups, I'm getting off topic. But
the faster I have this box working, the faster I can look at the logs.

> My guess is that upstream did something to break it, probably adding an
> #if defined(arch1) || defined(arch2) || ...
> Where they enumerate every architecture in the world except m68k.  :-P
Like everywhere else... somebody should kick them, can I delegate you to do
that? Usually you are quite good at that ;-)

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